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Entenmann’s Crumb Donuts!

Mmm...crumb donuts

Mmm...crumb donuts

These are my favorite donuts of all time.  Since I have started weight watchers I basically walk past the Entenmann’s section in Stop and Shop and drool over the boxes of donuts.  I think my husband was starting to get embarrassed by this because now when we are approaching the dessert section, he tells me to look away and then turns my body so that I don’t have to be forced to look at the delicious desserts.  These donuts have a point value of 6 points, which is actually not too bad, but I would want to drink it with a glass of milk, which puts us at an 8 point total for this snack.  But, since I am a food beast, I would eat the donut for dinner just so I could eat the damn donut!

Last week I got together with friends and made cupcakes.  It took all my will power to not eat one while I was frosting them!  Who are we kidding…I caved and had one, but without frosting!  Aren’t you proud of me?  It was the first snack that contained sugar that I had eaten in about 3 and a half weeks and it was totally worth it.  I refuse to deny myself snacks because, let’s face the facts, I like snacks, and I will always like snacks!  I wish I could buy those crumb donuts in single packs so I would not have to control myself and worry about the rest of the donuts left in the box.

Tonight I was on the weight watchers web-site and was looking up a recipe for cupcakes.  Yes…I will stuff my face with cupcakes even though I am on weight watchers.  I came across something that said Hungry Girls cupcakes.  Intrigued, I googled Hungry Girl and found this web-site.

The web-site is basically run by a chick who was hungry, but still wanted to eat (sounds like me).  I looked through it and there seems to be recipes, good food choices, and other dieting info on there.  I liked that the recipes included the weight watcher points so there aren’t any equations to figure out.

Too tired to blog about my meeting tonight.  Check back tomorrow!

Tried the Dunkin Donuts Angel Food Cake Muffin today.

I had heard that it was only 100 calories and I love angel food cake, so I thought I would give it a whirl.  (Once in college, in Raymond Cafeteria, I ate a whole angel food cake.  By myself.  I told you I was a food beast and that my over-eating problem has been a life long problem.)  I was pretty hungry and opened the bag as soon as I got to the car.  The muffin was not as big as the other ones that Dunkin Donuts sells, but was a good size.  (The regular muffins at Dunkin Donuts are 16 points.  And don’t think you are doing yourself a favor by getting a reduced fat one.  Those are 15 points.)  The muffin was okay.  The top was somewhat sticky, due to the consistency of the muffin.  And you know how when you eat angel food cake it kind of gets squished and then it looks like the size has decreased…well, that is what happened with my muffin.  As I was squeezing it to get the paper off of it, it was becoming the size of my toe.  I was pretty hungry, so I ate it anyway, but can’t say that I will be getting it again any time soon.  I would rather just get two cinnamon munchkins instead!

Let me know if you had tried the new angel food cake muffin at Dunkin Donuts.

The other day I came home from work and was having a tired/stressed/wanted-to-stuff-my-face day.  I am an emotional eater.  Hello, all of you out there, raise your hands.  We can form a club and make t-shirts.  I eat when I am happy or celebrating something.  I eat when I am sad or anxious about something.  I also eat when I am bored.  I don’t really understand how that is even possible.  I am almost always doing something or on the go somewhere…but always with a snack in hand.  In fact, as I am typing this, I am also eating popcorn (don’t worry, 94% fat free).

Anyway, the other day I had not eaten a whole lot during the day.  I walked in the door, dropped my bags on the floor and headed to the pantry.  We keep all of our new snack foods that have not been opened yet on the first shelf.  All of our other snacks that have been opened and are in the process of being consumed are in a separate cabinet.  Can you tell we like to snack in our house?

So I started out with some Ritz Socials.  Very good crackers.  I only had four crackers (2 points), and then started to make a bag of 94% fat-free popcorn because I felt like that was less points than eating more crackers.  Besides, I really like those crackers with cheese and I could not afford to start eating cheese now that I know how many points are in a one inch cube! (3!)

While the popcorn was popping, I then took out the Reduced Fat Cheez-its.  Now, these cannot be good for you because they are glowing orange in color, but they are so cheesy and salty, I just love them.  Well, I start to eat these.  This is not a good idea.  I try to back track and figure out how many I had so that I can track them.  The microwave dings and my popcorn is done.

I started to eat the popcorn and by this point my husband (who works from home) has wandered into the kitchen to see what I am making.  The Socials, Cheez-its, and popcorn are all out on the counter.  He looks at me and says, “Three snacks and you have not even taken off your coat.”  Now, you know you have a food in-take problem when you are on your third snack and you still have your coat on.  (This actually stems back to my college days.  My friend and I would sit in her kitchen after we had come home from student teaching and would inhale popcorn while not even talking to each other and still be wearing our coats!!)

Back to my popcorn.  My husband starts eating my popcorn.  “STOP!  NO!  THATS MY SNACK!”  He had already eaten like half the bowl!  I do not mind sharing, but I really just wanted to eat my popcorn on the couch while I watched Oprah and vegged.  Also, I know the point value that I had already set out and now that is all messed up because Dave was eating my damn food.

Yesterday my husband got some shitty news which put him in a sad mood which in turn put me in a sad mood.  I was already at CVS, so I picked up some of his favorite snacks, which include Gummy Bears, Gummy Worms, and Swedish Fish.  We sat on our big bed, layed out all the snacks and just pigged out.  Pigging out for me was 4 points worth of Swedish Fish and Gummy Bears.  (I had to save some points for dinner.)  Why do we feel like it is okay to eat when we are having a bad day?  Those little fishies are not going to make me feel any better.  They aren’t going to look at me as I am putting them in my mouth and say, “It will be better tomorrow, Nicole.”

It will be okay, Nicole.

It will be okay, Nicole.

This week at the weight watchers meeting we had to set a goal for ourselves.  Mine is that I can find control and not finish off the rest of the Swedish Fish in one sitting!

Tonight I went to get weighed in with my friend.  I love my friend, whom we shall call WW Buddy (I am using code names to protect those who wish to be unidentified) because she never asks “How much did you lose?” or “Did you gain?” or “How was this week different?”  I can go to her about my food freak-outs and she calms me.  I hope that she feels the same about me.  :  )

I saw some faculty members from school, which is always a little weird.  “Hi.  How are you?” (Oh my god!  You have an over-eating problem too?!)  “Hi.  Good.  And you?”  (I didn’t know she came to meetings.)  We all know that is what we are secretly thinking.  Well, if you aren’t…God knows I am.

Towards the end of the meeting, Anne, our meeting leader, asked for people to share if they had a weight loss this week.  This man at the end of my row raised his hand and this is how the conversation went.

Man: I had a loss of 10.2.

Anne: Over 2 weeks?  Over 3 weeks?  How long?

Man: I just started last week.

Anne: Well, that is great for you!

I turn to WW Buddy and said, “Are you kidding me?”

“Nicole, everyone one in here is just glaring at him.”

“He is going to have his tires slashed in the parking lot by every woman in this room.”

How dare this man come to our meeting where about thirty woman are sharing about emotional eating, habits that are hard to break, and trying to find time to take care of themselves because they take care of everyone else first and then tell all of us that he lost 10.2 pounds in ONE WEEK?!  That is a goal for some of us…to just lose ten pounds.  I felt like I was at the biggest loser weigh-in and was the one who was being sent home becuase I had not lost enough this week compared to Larry-Lose-A-Lot down at the end of my row.

I came home and just wanted my favorite new meal.  My husband and I think I invented it, but I am sure it is in a cookbook somewhere.  I made some Ronzoni smart taste pasta which is the same amount of points as whole wheat pasta (three points), but still has the regular pasta taste.  I had a cup and a half of that with a half a cup of shrimp (one point) and a quarter of a cup of feta cheese (three points) melted on top.  I mixed this with 2 teaspoons of evoo (four points) and added some basil, oregano, and parsley.  It is DAMN good and I usually end up licking the plate when I make this meal.

I am looking forward to another week of trying to eat healthy.  I am also hoping Larry-Lose-A-Lot decides to go to the Wednesday meeting next week and brags about his weight loss to another group of women because I don’t know if I can take him two weeks in a row.

My husband and I went out this weekend with our friends Deb and Brian.  We went out for Mexican food, which was delicious…damn you tortilla chips.  We had decided to go bowling after dinner.  As we were eating dinner we were talking about how many activity points could be assigned to bowling.

Now, as we were bowling I was trying to figure out how many points could actually be given for this activity.  I mean, you are sitting for most of the game and you only get up when it is your turn to heave an 8-13 pound ball down an alley.  While you are sitting, you are drinking beer or eating greasy snacks.

Here I am earning 2 activity points!!

Here I am earning 2 activity points!!

I went on to the weight watchers web-site to check out how many activity points we all earned on Saturday night.  Well, you would never have guessed it, but we all earned two activity points.  I put in that we bowled for an hour and it w as a low intensity activity and we got two points for that! I then read about it in a weight watcher article and it was confirmed….which means it was almost like I didn’t drink that Corona Light with dinner.  Woohoo!

Today at work I noticed that I had some soreness in my butt area, but only on the left side.  I was telling a co-worker about my observation and she asked if I was doing any wild moves this weekend and I told her that I had gone bowling.  I then pretended to throw a ball down an imaginary alley and realized that I was doing a lunge and that is where the soreness came from…all of my lunges on Saturday night at Bowlmor!  At least my left butt cheek won’t be sagging this summer!  Check out where you can get your lunges in at

Deb...did you get a strike?

Deb...did you get a strike?

How many points did Brian & Dave earn by playing this basketball game?

How many points did Brian & Dave earn by playing this basketball game?

While I was out running errands on Saturday morning I decided to pick up some candy for my Easter baskets.  As I was eying all the little chocolate bunnies all I could think was how I would love to bite off their heads, fill the hollow bunny with peanut butter, stick it in the freezer and then enjoy it as my own homemade version of a peanut butter bunny!

I then remembered that I gave up chocolate for lent and headed to the peeps and bunnies marshmallow section.  Four peeps are only two points and I think that is a pretty good snack if you are having a sugar attack.  Since I enjoy peeps, I was excited when I saw sugar free peeps with splenda, thinking that I could then eat more for less points!

Warning!  Do NOT Buy!

Warning! Do NOT Buy!

I do not normally eat splenda so purchased the peeps not really knowing what I was in for.  Well…I got home and ripped the packaging open because I was so excited. I was quickly disappointed when I bit the little peeps head off.  It tasted like a blander version of the original.  I know that weight watchers is a life change and it is not supposed to be a diet.  I made a decision that I will never change over to anything that contains splenda. Pure sugar it is for me.

Don’t worry.  Later than day I purchased the real sugar version of peeps over at Stop & Shop.  We used the scan it and bag it.  Have you looked into that yet?

Random facts about Peeps:

1. It takes 6 minutes to make one Peeps chick.

2. Original Peeps have a shelf life of 2 years.

3. More than 5 million Peeps are produced each day.

4. Peeps have been the most popular nonchocolate Easter candy in the U.S. for more than a decade.  Take that, jelly beans!

The Ultimate Peep Show

The Ultimate Peep Show

A few weeks ago I bought some benefiber over at Stop & Shop.

Damn you Benefiber!

Damn you Benefiber!

(My husband and I love that store.  Even more so now that they have the new scan it and bag it.  You get a scanner gun, scan and bag your items while you are shopping, then scan your gun when you get to the register and VIOLA!  Nothing to ring up or bag because it is done already.  See if your stop & shop has the new scan it and bag it.

Anyway, I bought the benefiber hoping that it would help be become a bit more regular.  I was afraid to use it on a work day because I was not sure what the results would be.  Driving home one day last week I was talking to my husband on the phone.  He decide to “try” the benefiber.  You usually just pour two teaspoons in your drink.  He poured it into his COFFEE.  I am not quite sure what he was thinking.  Hello!  Coffee is a natural diuretic.  Why would you add a laxative to it?  Needless to say, montezuma’s revenge struck.

After hearing this, I was even more afraid to try this stuff because I have somewhat of a sensitive stomach.  Thursday morning I decided to add the 2 teaspoons to my bottle of water.  Well, I drank that bottle of water during the day at work.  At the end of the day I was sitting at my desk and all of a sudden there was a gurgling noise that was coming from my stomach and I knew the benefiber had taken effect.  I had only finished my water 25 minutes earlier!  Damn this stuff is fast.  If you know me, you know I do not like to “go” at work, but today I had no choice.  My husband was correct, it was montezuma’s revenge!  Damn you benefiber.

Tonight I decided to have a weight watcher meal…Pasta Primavera.  I was home alone and excited that I only had to prepare dinner for one person…so a frozen dinner it was.  I decided to add some chicken to the meal so that I had some protein for the day.  I took out my food scale and attempted to calibrate it.  This thing is more of a pain in the ass than it is worth.  The little dial is never lining up to the zero so I always have to estimate how many ounces things are weighing.

So, I threw some Perdue short-cuts on there.  As I put the chicken on the scale, I noticed that the little red dial was not moving.  So I fiddled with the dial and weighed the chicken again and the dial moved to say that I had one ounce of chicken.  I could tell that I clearly had more than one ounce of chicken on the scale and tested this by putting the whole bag of Perdue short-cuts on the scale.  There were nine ounces in the bag and the scale said four ounces.  Well that’s a fine how do you do….my damn scale is broken.  I wonder how many things I was weighing last week that were WRONG!

Desperate times call for desperate measures.  I went and got the bathroom scale (it is a weight watchers scale and weighs to the ounce**), laid some paper towels down, and then put the chicken on top.  I think because the chicken was not heavy enough, I could not get an accurate read on the scale, so I took a guess and figured that I had about three ounces.  I added that to my frozen meal and microwaved it to perfection!

For my after dinner snack I had popcorn which I am getting sick of having for a snack.  Does anyone out there have any other low point snack ideas to share??  And I don’t mean carrot sticks or fruit…c’mon now people.  If you are looking for me this weekend, I will be in Bed, Bath & Beyond purchasing a new food scale.

**Some of you may think it is grody that I am using my bathroom scale to weigh my food on.  We are very clean Pean’s and I did not eat any germs with my dinner.**

Tonight was the big weigh in….weight watchers for one whole week.  I thought I did a pretty good job keeping track of everything I ate, as well as, assigning points to the food.  I am doing weight watchers on-line and I love that you are able to put in any food and it tells you the points….no tracker or food guide required.

Flavor Flav...I cant believe you let that lady borrow your necklace!

Flavor Flav...I can't believe you let that lady borrow your necklace!

So this morning I got on the scale and I was really excited about what it said….I had dropped 4 pounds since last week!  (Grant it, that period bloat was long gone, thank God!)  I did a naked dance in the bathroom as I stepped into the shower.  KEY WORD being NAKED.  The fine folks over at the weight watcher meetings DO NOT allow you to weigh in naked.  (Although, at todays meeting some woman took off her sweater, her belt, and all her jewelery.  I mean everything…her rings, bracelets, and this BIG ASS necklace that she was wearing.  I think she borrowed Flavor Flav’s necklace for the day.)

So, the scale at the meeting said that I lost 2.6 pounds.  I am not complaining about my loss because I was excited, but I think if I had taken off my sweater, pants, and just stood in my tank top, the weight loss would have been much bigger.

My goal for this week is to lose another 2 pounds.  I am also going to try to get up three mornings a week to maybe go for a walk.  I am not sure how realistic the walking part is, but I will TRY!  I am off to have a snack…I have 5 points left to consume today AND I will consume all my points!