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10.2! Are you kidding me?

Posted on: March 17, 2009

Tonight I went to get weighed in with my friend.  I love my friend, whom we shall call WW Buddy (I am using code names to protect those who wish to be unidentified) because she never asks “How much did you lose?” or “Did you gain?” or “How was this week different?”  I can go to her about my food freak-outs and she calms me.  I hope that she feels the same about me.  :  )

I saw some faculty members from school, which is always a little weird.  “Hi.  How are you?” (Oh my god!  You have an over-eating problem too?!)  “Hi.  Good.  And you?”  (I didn’t know she came to meetings.)  We all know that is what we are secretly thinking.  Well, if you aren’t…God knows I am.

Towards the end of the meeting, Anne, our meeting leader, asked for people to share if they had a weight loss this week.  This man at the end of my row raised his hand and this is how the conversation went.

Man: I had a loss of 10.2.

Anne: Over 2 weeks?  Over 3 weeks?  How long?

Man: I just started last week.

Anne: Well, that is great for you!

I turn to WW Buddy and said, “Are you kidding me?”

“Nicole, everyone one in here is just glaring at him.”

“He is going to have his tires slashed in the parking lot by every woman in this room.”

How dare this man come to our meeting where about thirty woman are sharing about emotional eating, habits that are hard to break, and trying to find time to take care of themselves because they take care of everyone else first and then tell all of us that he lost 10.2 pounds in ONE WEEK?!  That is a goal for some of us…to just lose ten pounds.  I felt like I was at the biggest loser weigh-in and was the one who was being sent home becuase I had not lost enough this week compared to Larry-Lose-A-Lot down at the end of my row.

I came home and just wanted my favorite new meal.  My husband and I think I invented it, but I am sure it is in a cookbook somewhere.  I made some Ronzoni smart taste pasta which is the same amount of points as whole wheat pasta (three points), but still has the regular pasta taste.  I had a cup and a half of that with a half a cup of shrimp (one point) and a quarter of a cup of feta cheese (three points) melted on top.  I mixed this with 2 teaspoons of evoo (four points) and added some basil, oregano, and parsley.  It is DAMN good and I usually end up licking the plate when I make this meal.

I am looking forward to another week of trying to eat healthy.  I am also hoping Larry-Lose-A-Lot decides to go to the Wednesday meeting next week and brags about his weight loss to another group of women because I don’t know if I can take him two weeks in a row.

1 Response to "10.2! Are you kidding me?"

Thanks for the kind words! I love your support too and you really motivate me. What do yo think it will be for Larry Lose Alot next week 20lbs!

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