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These can be slippery!

These can be slippery!

On Monday I was stuffing my face with some Kalamata olives that I had leftover from the weekend.  There is something about these olives that I love.  I don’t eat them all that often so I was literally inhaling them.  I had three in my mouth at the same time.  Now, I know this is not a good idea because you can choke.  I mean we tell small children not to stuff their mouths with food, and here I was doing it in my own kitchen.

As I was eating the olives I was putting the pits on one side of my mouth.  I guess because I was in such a rush to eat as many as I could, I accidentally swallowed one of the pits.  I stood there and I could feel the pit was stuck.  I started to freak out for about five seconds as I thought, “Oh my God!  I am going to choke to death.  I do not know how to do the Heimlich maneuver enough to save someone, so all I could think was that I was going to die in my kitchen from stuffing my face.  I finally got the pit down and it scratched the shit out of my throat.  I then chugged some water to get the pit moving through my system.

My throat hurt A LOT!  I could not believe how scratched it was from just that little pit.  One would think that I would have not eaten a big dinner or just had soup or tea.  But NO!  I had made a roast chicken with potatoes and carrots and I was not missing out on this…it is one of my favorite meals.  My husband helps me clean up after this meal by eating whatever is leftover right out of the pan!  I told my husband about my pit incident when he got home from work and he told me not to worry because it would show up eventually.  And I think it did last night, but I was in fear all yesterday that is was stuck in my small intestine!  Went to get weighed in last night and I was down 1.2 pounds which I was happy about after my one pound gain last week.  I then came home and ate five Samoa cookies…but I am happy to say that they are now out of the house and I don’t have to worry about them tempting me until Girl Scout cookie time next year!