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Last week my husband and I went out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary.  We love to eat, clearly this is not secret.  We were going to a restaurant called Cafe of Love in Mount Kisco.  I had been there twice before, but this would be Dave’s first time eating there.  Being the hard core food beast that I am, I checked out the menu beforehand and was very excited to be heading out to eat, also because I had not been able to eat too much with the gum surgery.

The restaurant was packed when we got there and even though we had a reservation, we hung out at the bar for a bit which was fine with me.  The Riesling I was drinking was perfect and there were baked chips on the bar, also PERFECT!  Once we are seated we checked out the menu and I saw that it said something about letting your waiter know if you have allergies.  Well, I told John right away that I have an allergy to tree nuts and he said not to worry, he will take care of it, tell the chef, yada yada yada.  I think I am all set and do not have a thing to worry about.  THINK AGAIN!!

Dave and I started out the the Heirloom Tomato Salad that came with tomato, mozzarella, and toasted pistachios.  Now, I cannot eat the pistachios, so I mention this to John the waiter and he tells us not to worry, so I don’t.  Well, the Heirloom salad comes out to our table and there is a tomato vinaigrette laced with pistachio nuts down the center of the plate.  Dave looked at me and I looked at Dave.  “What are those?”  “Do you think they are nuts”  “I can just eat around them.”  “No you are not.  We are not going to the ER tonight!”  Needless to say, John came over, we explained the allergy problem, he apologized and brought us out a new appetizer.  He also said, “Don’t worry.  This is a brand new appetizer and new plate.  We didn’t just wipe off the nuts.”  Well John, I am glad to know that Cafe of Love does not just wipe off their nuts!

For dinner I played it save and ordered a vegetable ravioli special that was out of this world.  I was glad that the portion was a normal size because I inhaled it and was REALLY excited for dessert.  The last time I went to Cafe of Love with my friend Karen, we split the peach crisp.  It was delicious and I had been dreaming about it all day.  John came over, asked what we would be having for dessert.  He listed the desserts and I never heard “peach crisp” come out of his mouth.  I said, “Um, last time I was here there was a peach dessert.  I will have that.”  “Oh, I am so sorry, that is not part of the summer dessert menu.”  “WHAT?!”  I basically screamed this, but thank God no one heard because a band was playing and it was pretty loud.  John goes on to tell me that the desserts are seasonal, blah blah.  I had stopped listening because I was still trying to come to terms with the fact that they did not have the dessert I was dreaming about.  (Also, the dessert was on the menu when I checked that day.)  We ordered the flour less chocolate cake, which normally I love, but was not really wanting at this point.  John comes over with the flour less cake and mentions that the peach crisp was supposed to be back two days ago, but for some reason it wasn’t.  Well, now why would you go and tell me that you idiot.  Not only am I sad about the missing dessert, but now I know if I had waited a few more days, it would have been there.

The flour less chocolate cake came to the table.  We only ordered one because at this point it was about 9:45 and we were somewhat full and close to food comas.  I grab my fork ready to dig in, despite the fact that I really wanted the peach crisp when Dave and I once again look up at each other.  No, we were not trying to be romantic on our anniversary.  THE CAKE WAS LACED WITH CASHEWS!  Are you kidding me!  John came back and Dave explained the situation.  John felt really bad and said, “The chef is crazy tonight because it is so busy.  I am going to get another dessert so you can each have your own.”  That was really nice of him, but I didn’t even want the dessert at this point.  Of course, Dave was already done with his dessert by the time mine was brought out.  The cake was good, but it was no peach crisp…but that didn’t stop me from eating almost all of it.  John made some comment about coming back just for dessert one night.  Sounds good John, just make sure the nuts are wiped off when we get here.

Five grams of fiber in each toaster pastry!

Whenever I try a new food that does not have a ton of points, I like to share my findings because there might be someone else out there who is looking for a low point snack.  Well, on my last shopping trip to Stop & Shop (love that store because I can scan and bag it…I am not lazy, I am a time saver) I came across the Fiber One toaster pastries in chocolate fudge. Now, I can not eat a lot of Fiber One products because I have a tree nut allergy and a lot of Fiber One products contain tree nuts.  As good as those products are for you, I usually avoid them because they could send me to the ER.  (For those of you who are new readers to the blog, tree nuts sent me to the ER back in May and Dave and I do not want to have to have another adventure to the ER again anytime soon!)

Anyway, I was excited because I like chocolate and figured I w0uld put the toaster pastry in the toaster to warm it up.  I was secretly hoping that the toaster pastry was going to taste a lot like a chocolate Pop-Tart.  If you are also reading this and hoping that as well…let me just let you know, it does NOT taste the same at all.  Don’t get me wrong, the toaster pastry is a  nice snack, but it is not as sugary as the Pop-Tart version, which is probably why it is only three points for each pastry.

When I was first figuring out the points for the toaster pastries I was so excited because I thought the points were three points for two pastries.  YEAH…it is actually three points for ONE pastry.  ONE PASTRY!  ONE PASTRY!  What the hell am I doing with one pastry?  So, I open the little pouch that contains TWO pastries and take out one….meanwhile, I know that the other pastry is sitting there in the little silver pouch all by itself wanting to be eaten.  I don’t want it to go stale, so of course I usually end up eating it.  What was a three point snack, is now a six point snack. I don’t normally eat snacks that are six points…so now I feel like the amount I have just eaten is the equivalent of a meal!  I think I am going to write to those fine folks over at Fiber One and ask them two things.  *One – can you package the toaster pastries in individual wrappers to avoid two pastries being eaten in one sitting.  *Two – can you make cereal and chewy bars that do not contain nuts.

This past Monday I had gum grafting surgery.  Now, let me tell you there is nothing fun about this procedure.  I had some gum recession and needed to get it taken care of while I was off from work for the summer.  Basically what the periodontist had to do was cut out a chuck of tissue from the roof of the mouth (palate) OUCH, and suture it to the affected gum line.  After removing the tissue to be transplanted, the affected area on the palate is sutured and/or packed for healing, also OUCH!

Now, since I knew I was having this surgery, I basically ate like a beast for what seemed like the entire 4th of July weekend.  All I kept telling myself was, “You won’t be able to eat next week, so you should take advantage of eating as much as you can now!”  Okay, that was not a good plan.  I went to a baseball game and ate a hot dog…hello, I have not eaten pork since September, but there is just something to be said about a hot dog at a ball game.  I also had cotton candy at the game, which was sugary and delicious!  Over the course of the weekend, I also ate potato chips, a Reese’s Klondike bar (which I highly recommend), pasta salad, and an ice cream sandwich.  Okay, gain control of yourself here!


Check out my stitches!

Well, the surgery Monday morning was not a box of chocolates, although that would be great right now.  They started me off with some laughing gas, which was GREAT!  I then had one shot of Novocaine in the gum area the doctor would be repairing.  I then had four shots of Novocaine on the roof of my mouth, which was EXTREMELY painful.  At one point, the laughing gas was a little too strong, so I asked the nurse to turn it down before the entire room started to spin.  The surgery was about an hour and a half which ended with me with an ice pack on my cheek and spitting up blood on the ride home.

I basically ate nothing on Monday, except apple sauce and tea bread.  I decided to make baked macaroni and cheese for dinner, since I can only eat soft foods and could only eat so much apple sauce and soft bread in the course of a day.  Some other items on the menu of soft foods include mushy cheerios, steamed dumplings, watermelon, soft cheese, ice cream, and pasta salad.  God forbid anything touches the left side of my mouth, it is so sore and I can’t have anything pull on the stitches.  My gums are not as in much pain and thank goodness they are healing nicely.  I am hoping that next Tuesday when my stitches come out my diet will go back to normal somewhat.  I am really missing my regular breakfast of english muffins and daily snack of cheese and triscuits.

For those of us who head to Weight Watcher meetings on a weekly basis, we all know how the day before or the day of the weigh-in is “controlled starvation.”  (A friend at work came up with that term and I use it all the time now.)  You know what I am talking about….you pack a lighter lunch if you are heading to a weigh-in at night or make sure you are not having a salty dinner the night before so you don’t retain a lot of water.

Now, those of us weighing-in know that after you weigh-in you can cheat a little bit and maybe go over your point allowance that day because you have a whole week to work it off.  Well, last week I planned to get weighed-in on Wednesday morning since I was going out to dinner on Thursday and I knew I would be stuffing my face.  There was no way in hell I was dragging my ass to a meeting after that dinner to get weighed-in.  So, I checked the web-site and I saw there was a meeting on Wednesday morning at 10:00.  Well…I got to the church that I normally go to for my night meetings, and the doors to the church were locked.  OKAY…maybe I read the wrong time.  I ran some errands and went back thinking the meeting was at 11:00.  The doors were still locked and at this point I was having a rage!  Now this was another day of controlled starvation until I could get weighed-in.  The web-site said there was a meeting at 10:00 on Thursday.  I was not driving all the way to the meeting to be faced with locked doors again so I called the 1-800 number and inquired about the meeting.  Well, apparently the meetings were canceled at the church that week because of something else that the church was being used for.  The woman at weight watchers also told me that this was announced at the meetings the week before.  WELL, that was why I was not aware of the change…I didn’t go to the meeting the week before!  I ended up going to the Weight Watchers in my hometown as a visitor and felt like everyone was looking at me like, “Who the heck is the new girl?”  I am glad that I got in touch with WW Buddy this week because we are going to try start going to meetings together again…woo hoo :  )

Click here to find a Weight Watchers meeting near you!

Last week was my husband’s birthday.  We decided to go to Artisanal Fromagerie,  Bistro & Wine Bar. We had heard about this restaurant from Dave’s cousin who loves cheese as much as we do, so we knew we would enjoy it.  My husband and I love to go out to eat and we always check out the menu beforehand.  It gets me really excited about whatever I am going to get.  Dave and I both agreed that we were going to start out with cheese fondue because nothing is better than melted cheese with bread and apples.

The fondue was awesome and I highly recommend it.  We ordered it with bread and apples and it was perfect!  Now, I had not eaten a whole lot that day in order to save points for dinner, but when I am going out for dinner, especially to a place that is known for its cheese, counting points was not an option!!

Now, after stuffing our faces with cheese fondue, one would think that we would not be having entrees, but who are we kidding.  You are talking about a food beast and her husband, so OF COURSE we ordered entrees.  Dave had chicken and I had fish and chips.  I have not have fried food in as long as I can remember, so needless to say, my stomach was feeling VERY full.  Thank God I wore a dress with no waistband.  I was in intense pain and could not even finish my fish and chips.  Well, I ate half of the chips and gave the rest to Dave.  As we left the restaurant my stomach was killing me.  I had never felt stomach pain like this from eating so much.  Now, after the fondue and the fish and chips, I definitely should not have been eating anything else for like 2 days.  But, on the walk home, I think that Tasti D-Lite is going to make we feel better.  Tasti D-Lite is not everywhere like Carvel or Baskin Robbins, so of course I had Brownie Batter in a sugar cone and it was damn good.  Check out where a Tasti D-Lite is near you.  The train ride home was torture and as soon as I came home I popped three TUMS and went to bed.  The next morning was a little better, but I finally felt better when some of that food exited my body.  From now…either big appetizer or just an entree for me.  BUT…always Tasti D-Lite!

Sorry that it has been a while since I have written.  Things have been a little busy, but just because I have not been writing, does not mean I have not been eating!  I like to share new snacks that I try out to let others know that they are either worth the point or not.  My new favorite snack is Hershey Snacksters.  I had heard about these from a friend.  As she was telling me they were only 100 calories I was excited to search for these new snacks.  The problem I have these days is that unless I write it down, I forget.  Since I never added it to the shopping list, I kept forgetting to look at Stop and Shop.

Anyway, I was at the Christmas Tree Shop about two weeks ago and found this giant box of Hershey Snacksters!  I was like, “Whoa!”  I picked it up and immediately put it in my cart.  There were 30 little bags in the big box with three varieties – S’mores, Reese’s, and a plain Hershey.  Let’s face the facts here people, we all know I was not waiting until I got home to try these!  I opened the box in the parking lot and could care less who saw we attacking the box.  On the car ride home I ate one of the Reese’s bags and let me tell you, it was good.  Since it was only 2 points, I figured I would have another one when I got home.  I had put the box in the trunk to resist temptation…how sad.  When I got home I tried the S’mores one and as much as I love Reese’s, the S’mores might be my favorite.  There is something about the tiny graham cracker cookies that are in that mix that make it so good.  It also has chocolate chips and mini marshmallows.  The Reese’s one contains cereal puffs, peanut butter chips, and Reese’s pieces candy.  The Hershey one contains cereal puffs, chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate chips.   No matter which one you try, you can’t go wrong.