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Dave and I went out to dinner last night with our bestest friends.  We love to go out with Deborah and Brian because they enjoy to eat as much as we do.  There isn’t any “Hmm…I don’t want to look like a pig and order something that could feed a small army” or “I better bring home leftovers so I don’t look like a pig.”  Finding a couple like this is a rare thing and I consider myself lucky to be friends with these people and also go out to eat with them.

Last night we went to Simply Pasta.  Brian picked the restaurant and I will say that he never picks a bad place.  We always end up leaving where ever we are stuffed and needing to be rolled to the car.  (Once again, hard to find friends like this.)  Well, last night was no different.  We all ordered something different and what I love is that everyone is open to sharing their food.  Brian tasted Dave’s tortellini and Brian shared some of his meatballs.  Brian asked Dave if he wanted some of his “balls,” but Dave told Brian not to worry because he was going to have some of his balls off of my place.  Thanks for sharing, Brian!  Your balls were delicious : )

The ice cream man fixing the ice cream machine so we could have chocolate ice cream!

Dinner was so good and we were all stuffed, so we decided to give ourselves a rest and wait to have dessert.  Hello…a dinner is not complete without dessert!  It was a nice night so we hung out in the rocking chairs in Bryant Park and then hit up an ice cream truck that was parked right outside the park.  I have not had soft serve ice cream from a Mister Softy in forever and I was so excited.  Ice cream really is the perfect summer treat and I feel I have not had enough of it this summer.  Brian got his cone and while Deborah was getting hers, the chocolate pump for the ice cream started pooping out the ice cream.  I then asked for vanilla and chocolate swirl and when the ice cream man handed it to me, it was mostly vanilla.  The guy felt bad for me, so he was going to add some more chocolate to mine.  While he was adding the chocolate powder, I started to eat the ice cream cone he had given me.

Once he fixed the machine he took my cone and THREW IT OUT!  Hello…there was no need to go wasting a perfectly good ice cream cone like that.  I thought he was going to just add some chocolate to the top, instead he made me a whole new cone.  I am not complaining about this because I could eat ice cream all the time, but he did not have to go out of his way to make a new cone.  Since I had already eaten like half a cone, I was happy when Brian took some of the ice cream off my new cone.  Woo hoo…Brian.  You are a good food sharer!

This morning…all four of us had made a visit to the throne by the time emails were sent out at 9:45.  Was it the Italian food or the ice cream?  Will we never know!?

Since it has been so hot this week, and I am teaching summer school in a building that has no air conditioning, I have been trying to wear clothes that are very light and breezy.  On Monday I wore an empire waist dress that has a small bow right under the boobs.  So cute and perfect on a hot day.  I was heading out to run errands and as I was leaving I saw my old lady neighbor was bringing out her garbage.  She looked at me and asked, “Oh dear, are you expecting?”


Am I expecting what….to shove my foot up your a**.  Okay, first things first….who asks that?  Even if you were in labor and I could see the baby’s head between your legs I WOULD NOT ASK THAT!!!  Secondly, I don’t care how old you are, you do not have the right to go around saying or asking whatever the hell you want.

When I finally got it together enough to answer her I said, um…what, no I am not.  At this point another neighbor was coming down the stairs and I said, “Candy you will never believe what Ellen just asked me!!”  At this point, old lady Ellen was trying to cover my mouth with her hand.  I think she felt bad for asking, but c’mon!  Candy started to help dig her out of the hole she had dug by saying that it was just the style of the dress I was wearing that made it give the appearance of looking like maternity wear.  WHATEVER.  I usually love empire waist dresses for that exact reason.  You can wear those suckers to dinner and you don’t have to worry about unbuttoning your pants after you had stuffed your face and you can no longer breathe.  It is going to be a long time before I wear that dress again.

What are your thoughts on the empire waist dress?

About a week and a half ago I went to a SUPER FUN wedding.  One of my bestest friends tied the knot and I could not be happier for her and the lucky guy!!  Woo hoo Deborah and Brian.

The amount of food consumed between the rehearsal dinner, the wedding, and the recovery day was basically disgusting….and by that I mean delicious.  The cocktail hour at the wedding was great.  At one point my dad looked over at me and said, “Did you see the size of these shrimp?  The must be JUMBO!”  I was too busy stuffing my face with calamari to notice.  My husband also dragged me over to the cheese table because he “just had to show me” this huge cheese wheel with chunks of Parmesan cheese.  That was also delicious.  I can’t really go into the main course for a few reasons.  The salad was laced with nuts and I was warned not to eat it by Dave as soon as I got close to the table.  I only ate a few bites of my shrimp and potato croquet because I was too busy busting a move on the dance floor!!  I really love weddings for two reasons, the cake and the dancing.

When the dance floor was in full swing…all of a sudden I realized people were leaving the dance floor and were sprinting to the room where the cocktail hour was.  Here they had set up a venetian hour.  I think because I had been drinking I was slightly overwhelmed by all of the dessert type food and I didn’t have the best attack strategy.  I stopped to get a piece of wedding cake (hello, chocolate and peanut butter filling), but I didn’t stop there.  I also picked up some of those yummy shots that are in the chocolate cups.  My mom and I did a few of those and then devoured the chocolate cups.  We swore neither of us were getting on the scale the next morning because it would probably lead to tears being shed.  I also hit up the chocolate fountain where I proceeded to tell Dave about 7,948,248,032,840,239 times that there were Nilla wafers to dip in the chocolate because he loves Nilla wafers.

What place better to take a picture than in front of a chocolate fountain and a table full of desserts!

What place better to take a picture than in front of a chocolate fountain and a table full of desserts!

I just stuck some pretzel sticks in there….and they were really good.  Deborah, the bride, was so excited about the pretzel sticks and chocolate, at one point her whole hand went into the fountain.

The day after the wedding, Dave and I were pretty much useless and I remained in bed for most of the day.  As the days went by I continued to think about how good that wedding cake was.  I thought about our own wedding cake that was still in our freezer even past the one year anniversary.  At the one year anniversay mark when you are supposed to eat a piece of cake from your wedding, we could not find our cake.  My parents swore that they didn’t have it in their freezer, but about 7 months ago it magically turned up.  The other day I was craving sugary cake icing, so I defrosted it.  Dave came home, took one look at it and refused to have any cake.  I proceeded to take a bite and thought it wasn’t so bad.  By the third bite I realized how bad it tasted and threw the piece in the garbage.  I am looking forward to the next two weddings that we have so I can devour some wedding cake…that has not been in the freezer for over two years.

Tonight I was adding some movies to my Blockbuster queue and I like to check out the movies that Blockbuster recommends.  They always have various lists…new releases, 1001 movies you must see, and award winners.  Anyway, tonight I came across this.  A section called foodie movies ~ for those of us who love food so much that we also enjoy watching movies about it.  I feel that I qualify for this movie list and as I looked over the list, I realized that I have seen a handful of these movies….how sad!  Not sure what my favorite on the list was.  I love My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but Fried Green Tomatoes is a great movie, as is The Joy Luck Club and Chocolat.

Ahh!!  So many movies that involve so much food.  What are some of your favorites?

On Saturday night, Dave and I went to our favorite Greek restaurant.  It is Lefteris Gyro II and it is in Mount Kisco.  The restaurant is not huge, the waiters and waitresses are not looking to be your best friends and sometimes we feel like we are being rushed, but the food is AWESOME!  Dave and I always head to Lefteris Gyro II ready to stuff our faces and always end up leaving so full that we basically have to be rolled to our car.

Dave had been wanting Greek food all week, so we decided to head there on Saturday.  Since Saturday morning was my weigh-in, I was good with being able to go to dinner to stuff my face with Greek goodness because I would have all week to work off my food intake.

Beware of size...maybe be larger than you think!

At dinner Dave and I started off with an appetizer of tzatziki that came with pita bread.  The plate of tzatziki was insane.  Of course we went through the plate of pita bread in no time and it didn’t look like we had even put a dent in the tzatziki.  We ordered another plate of pita bread and even after eating half of that, there was still so much tzatziki left.  Dave and I decided that the next time we order tzatziki it will be a larger group…more like ten people.

For dinner, I ordered a small Greek salad.  I have an obsession with feta cheese and the best thing about this restaurant is that they really load up their salads with tons of feta.  The salad dressing is also delicious and if my stomach was not ready to explode from pita bread and tzatziki then I probably would have finished the whole salad.  Thank God that the dress I wore was loose fitting.  It is at this point that I should note that we were sitting at a table for two.  We were seated basically right next to another table for two.  I hate sitting that close to other people because I feel like we are dining with them, yet we don’t even know them!  This couple seemed to be on either a first or second date so it was kind of fun to listen in on their conversation…I mean hello, we are practically eating at the same damn table.

Anyway, Dave ordered a gyro platter, which consisted of slices of lam, french fries, and a small bowl of tzatziki sauce…really waitress lady…did you not see the huge plate of tzatziki still sitting on our table!  So we are eating our dinner and the couple next to us had ordered a few appetizers and a salad.  At this point, out comes their dinner.  The waiter put the plate on their table and walked away.  The girl then says, “Oh my God.  This is so much food.  Can you imagine if one person ate this whole thing?”  As Dave and I look over at their table, which is about seven inches away, we realize that they ordered the same thing Dave was eating, and they were planning on sharing it.  Dave and I then look back at each other and start hysterically laughing.  I don’t want this other couple to think we are laughing at them when we were really laughing at the fact that my husband is apparently a food beast…just like his wife.  Dave was annoyed that this girl made a comment about the fact that she and her date were splitting the meal that he had just devoured.  I told him not to worry about it.  It wasn’t like she was looking at what he was eating and commenting on it.  I then asked if he wanted to get dessert.  (I was still wanting that damn peach crisp from Cafe of Love, even though they tried to kill me, and it is down the stree from Lefteris Gyro II.)  Dave looked at me like I was crazy because I was just complaining about the severe stomach pains that I was having and then I remembered the chocolate covered raisins that I had waiting in the car.  I split those with Dave when we got home.  We can share food too…just not entrees.

Last weekend I went pole dancing as part of a bachelorette party day activity.  We went to Exotic Dance Central in the city.  We were told to wear clothes you would work out in and high heels…with a 2 to 6 inch heel.  I settled for a 4 inch heel and hoped I would not kill myself.  There were eight of us that attended the class, which worked out perfectly because we ended up having two people to a pole for some of the exercises.  We all did stretches, bends, and squats to get our bodies ready for some HOT moves.  We learned how to do some crazy moves and various walks around the pole.  We were all doing an awesome job and seemed pretty proud of ourselves.

It wasn’t until the chick who was teaching our class (in basically her ass exposing underwear) modeled the next move, that I knew I was in trouble.  She started with a sultry walk around the pole, then threw her legs around the pole, and was doing a twist…or as she called it, “the fairy spin.”  As we continued to practice, we all seemed to get the hang of it and soon realized that we were going to have massive bruises on our legs.  Well….we were correct!  By the end of that day, the majority of us had raised bruises on our right legs…the leg that was being thrown against the pole to do our “fairy spins.”  It was not until Sunday morning that I realized how much of a workout that class was…my arms were absolutely killing me…as were my quads.  Monday was even worse…it was painful to even move my arms to get into a t-shirt.  I now know why strippers have such great bodies…pole dancing is quite the workout.