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This past weekend I was visiting with the ladies that I lived with in college.  One of our friends was nice enough to offer her house as a place for all of us to stay.  Deb and I drove up to Natick, which is just outside of Boston.  Since we were leaving right after work, we decided to pack apples and a bag of pretzels to munch on in the car.  Are you surprised that we ate our weight in pretzels while we were trapped in the car for about 4 hours?  By the time we got to our friend’s house, Deb and I basically devoured the h’ordeuvres that were out on the table.  Veggies with dip and Tostito chips and guacamole.  There were also mini Snickers bars on the table…woo hoo chocolate!  I looked at Deb in-between bites and said, “Super dinner, huh?”

When my friend’s husband came home he was saying something about a deep fryer.  My ears perked up.  “Did you just say you have a deep fryer?”  I secretly have always wanted a deep dryer, but my fear is that I would start deep frying everything in sight.  Deep fried pizza, how are ya?  Deep fried Oreo cookies, I love ya!  It would probably get to the point where I was deep frying vegetables, and that just isn’t pretty.  I would have to draw the line somewhere here people.  There is just something fabulous about anything that comes out of a deep fryer and you know what I am talking about….do not deny it!  Long story short, my friend’s husband ended up deep drying one of the mini Snicker upon my request.  It was very good, I will not lie to you.

It was love at first sight with the mini deep fryer

A few minutes later I went upstairs to check out this deep fryer only to see blobs of fried goodness floating in the deep fryer.  “What are those?”

OH…they were chocolate chip cookies and they were damn good.  Not every loved them, but I am a fan of fried goodness, so I devoured mine and took a look around to see if anyone wasn’t finishing theirs.  Unfortunately for me, everyone at theirs.

Since the holidays are approaching, am contemplating asking Dave if he wants a mini deep fryer for Christmas.  I am hoping he says yes so that I can use it when I get home from school to make fried goodness snacks!  Fried feta cheese….come to mama!

Last Friday I attended an all day meeting at my elementary school.  Teachers from the other elementary school attended the meeting also, and there were about 20 people at the meeting.  It was semi-out of control.  The school that hosts the meeting always provides the snacks.  Well…we don’t mess around when it comes to snacking.  I felt like every half-hour a new snack was being put out.  There were bagels with various spreads, a chocolate chip danish, Dunkin Donuts muffins, a basket of fruit, 2 types of hummus, some type of kettle potato chip (which are sold at Trader Joe’s and I must buy them the next time I am there), and cookies.  I was proud of myself and brought a veggie platter with a dip that I made using fat-free sour cream.

Now, when I attend meetings of this nature, I tend to lose control.  Everyone is talking, eating, we talk some more, we take a break and it is like a free for all.  The food table is crowded with people.  (I tend to find myself at the food table at most gatherings, work and non-work related…hmmm.  I am noticing a pattern here.)  I try to really control myself and not go crazy, but once the afternoon strikes and I am getting stressed, it is basically no holds barred.

Maria, a friend at work, decided to bring in Dunkin Donuts Munchkins.  Now, these are one point each and can easily be devoured in one bite.  Oh no, you say.  Try it the next time you are at Dunkin Donuts.  It CAN be done!  Anyway, Maria also decided to ask for EXTRA chocolate muchkins.  She is clearly the devil.  (Side note: last year Maria had told another teacher who was doing weight watchers with us that 3 munchkins were only 1 point!  Needless to say, Maria had a talking to about trying to sabotage others and their weight loss success.  True Story!)

So, like I said, the afternoon was becoming stressful and Maria clearly could no longer handle it.  She brought the box of munchkins over to the table and we basically popped these puppies in our mouth like m&m candies.  Sad, but true.  Karen has the proof!

You will notice that sitting right in front of me is my leftover lobster bisque soup (which was out of this world.  Thanks Brewster Hill Deli).  I had the rest of that for dinner and it was well worth the 5703284290 points!  I can truly say it was an intense eating day, but those are the best kind!

You better get your butt over to Dunkin Donuts as fast as you can because the pumpkin donut is out and it is for a limited time only!!  Can you tell that I have been visiting Dunkin Donuts more and more?!

Dave and I split the donut because it is a whopping 7 POINTS!! Once again, the same amount of points as my dinner, so I try to have some control and only eat half.  The donut is fabulous!  It does not really taste like pumpkin at all.  I actually hate the taste of pumpkin and getting this donut was something I contemplated over for a good 2 minutes at the Dunkin Donuts counter.  Sad…I know, but true.  HEY….if I can only have a half of something, it better be worth it and damn good, so this was questionable because of the pumpkin name.  I figured if I got it and didn’t like, Dave would always eat the rest….hehe!  The donut has more of a cinnamon taste.  It is glazed and super soft, which made me want to eat the entire thing!!

I suggest you get your ass over to the Dunk before these pumpkin donuts are gone!

Last weekend I asked my husband to pick me up the new low fat apple caramel muffin on his Saturday morning run to Dunkin Donuts.  Dave had spotted this muffin (he is becoming quite the food beast) first and even tried it without me…how rude.  Anyway, this weekend the muffin was waiting on counter for me when I got home from running errands.  I dug into that right away.  I was a little nervous at first because the size of the muffins at Dunkin Donuts are the size of your head.  A regular muffin is 16 points with a reduced fat muffin totaling 15 points.  I checked out the information for this muffin and it came to a whopping 8 points.  I would never eat this entire muffin in one sitting because 8 points is basically the equivalent of dinner!!!  Check it out for yourself: Dunkin Donuts nutritional information for this muffin.

Besides being the size of your head, the top of the muffin was covered in the BIGGEST sugar crystals I have ever seen.  No, seriously, they were the size of ants they wer so big!  I cut the muffin in quarters and I found that is was really hard to cut and when I bit into it, I noticed that it was almost kind of rubbery when I was chewing it.  (You know how you eat things that are low fat or fat free and then they have a weird texture…well that was happening with this muffin.)  The taste of the muffin was good, but there were large chunks of apple.  If you like baked fruit in your muffins, then go right ahead.  For some reason, I can do some baked fruits in certain foods and not in others.  In this muffin, it was weird.  I could not really get on board with all the sugar on top and apple chunks inside.  If you enjoy these things, then you will probably like this muffin.  Now, the fact that I didn’t really love the muffin did not stop me from eating half of it and sharing the other half with Dave….hence leading to my food intake problem.

Two weeks ago my husband and I decided to head over to the new Subway that had opened in our town.  Now, our town does not have any chains, so we were kind of excited about having a place to pick up a quick dinner if we are both too lazy to cook.  It was a gross day and after watching a heck of a lot of football, we decided to pick up Subway for dinner.

This is actually a great idea for a Football Favorite because there are about 238482342390 choices at Subway and you can make it a meal by adding a drink and a snack!  I could not remember the last time that I had been at Subway, but Dave has and told me that there would be “healthy” choices for me.

Well, I was not sure about that when I walked in and saw tons of bread choices, meats, cheese, vegetables, and dressings all over the counter.  I got the veggie delight and I have to say I was impressed with my meal.  I chose the whole wheat bread and added some cheese.  I then added every single vegetable that the lady could fit in my sandwich.  I think that she is getting annoyed because I kept adding to my sandwich, and it was quite the scene, but I didn’t care.  If the veggies are no points, then friggin’ fill me up.  I added sweet onion dressing on it and was surprised at how good it was since it was fat free.

These veggies really delighted me!

These veggies really delighted me!

The nutritional guide for the veggie delight says that it is only 4 weight watcher points.  I would say that it is more like 5 or 6 since I added the cheese.  I added a diet coke and sliced apples to make this a meal and for about $7, you can’t beat it!

You walk into Target to buy a chapter book for school and you walk out with not just the book, but all of this!  Has this every happened to you?

Now, I feel that I must justify a few items here.  The peeps are NEW! and you know my rule about trying our NEW! items.  I have to admit that chocolate mousse peeps are not half bad.  You could have 4 chocolate cats for 2 points.  Moving on to the Halloween marshmallows.  These are seasonal items that cannot be purchased all year round and have to be purchased when they are in the stores.  Now, I don’t want you to think that Dave and I are gross.  The popcorn and candy corn will be brought to work to be shared with my co-worker food beasts, Karen, Maria, and Pam, when we are having INSANE days (like today for example).  Have you tried Target’s Archer Farms brand of snacks?  I have to say that they are delicious and the variety of chips and pretzels will have you inhaling the bag of snacks in one sitting.  I think the real kicker here is the bag of gummy bears.  Dave LOVES gummy bears and feels strongly about Haribo Gold-Bears, as opposed to other gummy bears.  Trust us, we have tried many different ones and these really are the best.  Anyway, if you will look closely at the picture, that is a three pound bag of gummy bears.  Dave felt that it was “economical” to get the bigger bag as opposed to just purchasing a bunch of smaller bags.  I agree with this, but three pounds of gummy bears is a CRAZY amount of gummy bears.  You will notice that there is some healthy food here, as opposed to the other crap that we bought, which is normally the case when we go to Target.  The Weight Watchers meal and the fiber granola bars are not all that bad for you, as opposed to the rest of the food taking over the counter.  The cashier at Target must have thought we were pigs.  Little did she know she was checking out a couple of food beasts.