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But I secretly love it!

I was away this past weekend which meant that Dave would be doing the food shopping.  We usually go together and once we get there split up, grab as much as we can, scan that shit, toss it in the cart, and get out of there as fast as we can.

Well….Saturday Dave ventured to Stop & Shop alone.  One reason I like to go food shopping is that I can control the amount of crappy food that is entering the house.  The more bad stuff that is here, the less self-control I have and the more I tend to eat when I am stressd out.

This weekend Dave decided to get a new product…which is his thing…testing out new food items.  Dave picked up the new Reese’s King Cup.  These are two king size cups and they sure are thick.  It is basically the equivalent of two Reese’s cups on top of each other.  Dave and I shared one….and it was still 2 points.  We had great self-control and had the other two the next night.  I could easily see myself devouring both King Cups and having no problem with it!

Check out how big these King Cups were!