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Last weekend I went out with my friends to celebrate my birthday.  We decided to go for brunch at the Cheesecake Factory.  Since the Cheesecake Factory is an in between meeting place for all of us (since we live all over NY) we meet her a lot….but never for brunch.  I was super excited because breakfast foods might be my favorite.  I have recently started eating omelets, like every weekend.  (Dave makes really great feta cheese omelets and we try to make them every Saturday.)

Anyway, back the Cheesecake Factory.  I went into brunch thinking I was going to order french toast or chocolate chip pancakes, but when we got there, I saw that the damn Cheesecake Factory started to put the calories of each dish next to it.  HELLO!!!  WHY in the hell would you do this to all of your loyal eaters?  I decided to order an omelet that contained goat cheese, asparagus, scallions, and fresh tomatoes.  IT WAS friggin’ AWESOME.  I have been dreaming of this omelet since I ate it.  It came with wheat toast and hash browns and I pretty much licked my plate.

That's Angie's purse....smaller than the burrito!

Some of my friends decided to order lunch since the Cheesecake Factory serves their entire menu all day.  My friend Angie decided to get a burrito.  The thing was the size of her arm!  It was the biggest burrito I have ever seen in my entire life.  Here is the proof…..

Which is larger...Courtney's hand or the salad?

I am not sure why the Cheesecake Factory thinks that giants are coming to eat at their restaurants because the portions are ENORMOUS!!  My friend Courtney ordered a small Caesar salad with a cheese steak sandwich.  The salad came out and was giant.  Courtney asked the waitress with the look of shock on her face, “This is the SMALL SALAD?”  After Courtney had some of her salad, and it didn’t look like she had even put a dent in it, out came her cheese steak sandwich which was equally as large and in charge!

Here are some words of advice if you are going to eat at the Cheesecake Factory anytime soon:

1. Wear pants that have an elastic waist band.  I recommend sweat pants or to borrow your friend’s maternity pants.

2. If you are going for lunch or dinner, do not eat a lot beforehand, so that you are ready to stuff your belly!

3. ENJOY!!

Last week I had a final exam that I had to take on-line.  This worked out great because I could sit in my pajamas in the comfort of my own home and take my test.  I took a half-day from work to take my test at home in peace and quiet.  Since it is the holiday season, I stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts to pick up some gift cards.  While I was there I also decided to pick up two chocolate mint donuts, one for me and one for Dave.  THESE DONUTS ARE AWESOME!!!

Woo hoo...chocolate mint donut!

It is a chocolate donut that is then covered in chocolate frosting.  Now that sounds amazing already, but then Dunkin’ Donuts decided to throw some peppermint flavored candy on top and that makes this donut out of this world.  I brought home the two donuts and set them on the counter.  I thought it would be so nice for Dave and I to have the donuts after dinner that night.  Well….as most of us already know, I have absolutely no self-control.  That donut did not last long at all…I ended up eating it for lunch with a tall glass of skim milk.  It was the best lunch I have had in a long time.

Don’t worry, I saved the second donut for Dave.  I may be a food beast, but I am not a pig!

Be sure to get to Dunkin’ Donuts soon to check out this donut since it seems to be a holiday special!!