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Dave and I went to the movies recently to see The Blind Side.  If you have not already seen this movie, I highly recommend it.  I cried into a napkin for the majority of the movie, but it really was a feel good movie.

More often than not I sneak a snack into the movie theater because the snacks they have at the movies are the size of my head and due to the fact I have no self-control I will usually eat the entire thing.  Dave ALWAYS gets a large popcorn and large soda.  He says that he has to because it is worth it.  It is only $0.55 more, so it only makes sense that he should upgrade to the large.  Look how big this soda is!!

And we wonder why America is overweight!

This past weekend Dave and I went to Providence, RI.  This is where we went to college and we always enjoy a good visit.  We had tickets to a basketball game and decided to get dinner beforehand.  We went to Union Station Brewery.  It took Dave and I all of about 33 seconds to decide we would be ordering the Pub Kettle Chips as our appetizer.  Our friend Brian taught us that when we go out to dinner we should order an appetizer and when we have finished consuming our appetizer, then we should order our entree.  Why is it that we had never thought of this before?  This way, when you are so stuffed from your appetizer, you might not order as large of an entree.  This tip from Brian has actually helped us out in many situations.

When our pub kettle chips came out, we were PSYCHED!  I mean….check these things out!

Woo hoo for greasy goodness!

They were fresh from the greaser, covered in tiny pieces of bacon with a large dollop of sour cream and scallions in the middle of it all.  There was a table of five ladies next to us and they looked over at our table when these chips came out.  Dave looked over at them and said, “You know you want some of these.  They are the pub kettle chips.  You should order them.”  I just looked at Dave in shock….and he said, “What?  They were checking out our food.”

It didn’t take long for Dave and I to wolf these chips down.  They were better than any other potato chip I have had in a long time.  I could not believe how good the sour cream and scallions on top was…and you can bet your ass that was not fat free sour cream!  At least the scallions were!

We know, we know....we are gross.

By the time Dave and I were done with the chips, I was in intense pain and thought I was going to have to unbutton my pants at the table.  Embarrassing….I know.  Dave and I wonder why we always do that….eat until our stomachs are ready to explode.

I honestly thought I would never eat again, as I had just eaten my weight in potato chips/kettle chips/greasy chips…whatever you would like to call them.  I am sure you are thinking, “Oh, those two had another drink and left.”  Now, a normal couple would do that, but Dave and I are all about our food intake and we didn’t stop at the chips.  We ended up ordering one entree of crab cakes and split it.  I ate one crab cake, a few pieces of asparagus, and called it a day.  I can honestly say that when we left the restaurant at 7:15, I did not feel un-stuffed until after the basketball game was over at around 10 o’clock.

I never thought I would eat again….until the next morning.  Dave and I hit up the Meeting Street Cafe over on Thayer Street.  This place is teeny tiny and you have to get there early to get a table, but it is totally worth it.  They do a great breakfast and their sandwiches are out of this world.  My favorite thing to get here is the chocolate chunk cookies.  They are the size of a salad plate and $4.50 each and worth every cent.  Since we don’t live close to these cookies, Dave and I got two – the chocolate chunk and peanut butter.  They didn’t last long and were gone by Tuesday night!  Check these out!

The cookies are as big as my hand!

Dave and I won’t be back to Providence anytime soon.

That is probably a good thing.  Our bellies were pretty full after this visit!

As I was cleaning up the Christmas decorations last week I decided to video tape these Hallmark snowmen.  They are my favorite Christmas decoration and they annoy Dave to no end…which makes me love them more.  You will have to make sure the volume on your computer is turned up so you can hear the song the snowmen are singing.  They are talking about all of the food they are going to eat and then at the end one of the snowmen says, “Well, I’m stuffed.”  The other says, ” What’s for dessert?”  The dessert snowman…that is usually me!

Check it out!

Okay, so I have gotten some flack for not writing in forever.  I do apologize for this, but I was too busy stuffing my face with crap the past 2 weeks.  I am hoping that since my food in-take is somewhat back on track, my entries will be too!

My birthday was about three weeks ago.  That is usually when the bad eating sets in.  It all starts with my birthday cake and continues long after Jesus’ birthday cake has been consumed.

My mini-cake

During the day at school, a co-worker got me a mini-birthday cake.  The cake was just the right size because you could cut it into four prefect pieces.  I consumed that entire mini-cake over the course of three nights….clearly eating more than the one slice allotment a day.  Now, you will be shocked to hear that I didn’t even slice into that sucker until the next day.

Cone cupcakes!

That is because when I walked in the front door from work, my husband had made these…ice-cream cone cupcakes.  Dave took the time to make, FROM SCRATCH, these awesome cupcakes.  I was in complete shock and could not believe had made these (with help from Martha Stewart).  They were loaded with frosting, which is my favorite part!  Hello, layers of sugary sweet goodness, how are ya?

After Dave and I went out to dinner, we decided to try one some of the cupcakes.  It was pretty funny because Dave and I started eating the cupcakes and the first bite was good, but then we realized that the rest of the cupcake had not cooked all the way and were still doughy.  Dave frosted the best two cupcakes, so we inhaled those and picked apart the rest that were actually cooked!!

I am excited to use my Martha Stewart cupcake cookbook to whip up some yummy treats…once I lose my Christmas weight, that is.

Okay….so I definitely have a problem and it is that I AM A FOOD BEAST!

What is it about the holidays that causes people to keep stuffing their faces?  My friend Brian asked, “What is it about having a Christmas tree in your house that makes you just keep eating?”  Brian, I totally agree with you and I am not sure what happens around the holidays that makes us think we can just keep stuffing food into our mouths while watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation on the couch while wearing elastic waist pants.  Oh, was that just Dave and I the past week?

On New Year’s Eve I woke up to find that it was snowing.  I decided that since I did not have to get up since I did not have to work all last week…woo hoo to being a teacher!  So, I decided to stay in bed.  I didn’t even sleep late….I woke up around 9ish and just read some magazines that had been piling up next to my bed.  I decided I was hungry, but didn’t want to get up, so I yelled for Dave (who was in the kitchen) to bring me some cookies.  So, three peanut butter blossoms and one double chocolate chip cookie later, one would think I would get up.  Yeah, still no.  I was craving some of the leftover Alouette spreadable cheese on Wheat Thins fiber selects crackers.  These crackers and this spreadable cheese are my weakness.  So, as Dave was in the living room I yelled to him again to bring me cheese and crackers.  He yelled back, “It is 10:35 in the morning.”  “SO WHAT?” I yelled back.  Needless to say he brought it in for me and then looked at me.  I said to him, “If you are going to judge me, then you should leave the room.”  He then sat next to me and started eating cheese and crackers with me.  Oh yes, all of these foods are being consumed in my bed.  Do not fret…I am a very neat eater and never drop any crumbs.

For some reason, maybe because I stuffed myself on cookies and cheese and crackers, I then went back to sleep for an hour.  I woke up around 12:30 and continued to stay in bed reading and being lazy.  I finally got out of bed at around 4:00.  My mom said that I was disgusting to stay in bed that long, but I didn’t care because some times vacation days are meant to be lazy days.

I got out of bed and headed to the living room and discovered my Christmas stocking that contained many goodies.  I ate about 10, yes that is correct, 10 York Peppermint Patties.  I also sampled some potato chips and gummy bears that Dave was eating from his Christmas stocking.

The wrappers from my peppermint patty extravaganza!

Oh, after this entire day of eating crap….Dave and I headed out to dinner for New Year’s Eve.  We figured that since we were going out at 9:00, we would be hungry by then.  We went to an Italian restaurant by our house.  Of course, I stuffed myself silly on bread, the  small antipasto platter, and my salad.  I looked at Dave and said, “I think I want to cancel my entrée.”  As soon as I said this, my meal was placed in front of me.  I ate about 6 bites and had the rest packed up to go home.

Going to work today was hard because I was so tired, BUT I think that just be leaving the house, I might have lost 1 of the 4 pounds that I gained over the vacation.