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Soooooo, I went to get a manicure and pedicure before I left for Barbados.  Now, I have been going to the same nail place for about 5 years and have had the same nail lady for about the last two.  My mom goes to the same place and the ladies even know my dad and Dave since they are always in there getting gift certificates for us.  These women are always speaking Korean and I know they are talking about me…I can only hope that they are saying good things.

Well, the day that I went, it was freezing, so I had a long sleeve shirt on with a thick, bulky cardigan.  As I was leaving, I was bending over to pick up my purse and the owner of the place came over to help me with my coat.  As I was leaning over, she got right into my face and said loud enough for about the whole nail salon to hear, “Oh Nicole, you have baby?”

I could not even form words fast enough, more so because I was in a complete state of shock.  First things first, I do not think that I look preggers.  Even when I do gain weight, it does not go to my stomach, it goes to my butt and thighs, so unless I am growing a baby in my butt, what the hell?!

I looked at the lady and said, “Um…no!”  “But don’t worry, I will keep you posted.”

I was telling a few people this.  My friend Deb said, “Oh, go f*** her.”  My sister-in-law Erin was telling me that “from your late 20’s to late 30’s people will just assume that you are pregnant.  There are only a few that are actually stupid enough to ask!”  Well…unfortunately for me, I have encountered a few of those stupid people lately.

Oh, and that sweater….yeah that has been moved to the back of the closet!

Last week I was in Barbados with my friend Amanda.  We had the week off from school and decided to head to a place that was warm and away from the real world for a bit!  Barbados was beautiful and I recommend this island if you want a lazy, laying on your beach chair for a week and reading type of vacation.

It doesn't get better than chicken tacos and margaritas!

Did I mention the food was FANTASTIC?  Amanda and I ate at some great places and everywhere we went the food (and drinks) were just perfect.

We had great Italian food at Bellini’s, good tacos and margaritas at Cafe Sol,and surprisingly good Irish food at McBride’s pub.

Enjoying Banks...the beer of Barbados

We also drank a few bottles of Riesling (my fave), tested out the local beer, and drank some very strong rum punch.  I didn’t realize how strong it was and almost fell over when I went to get us another glass!

I came home to find that I had lost a pound over my vacation.  Okay…maybe it is only ONE pound, but I was pretty shocked because I definitely enjoyed eating and drinking while I was in Barbados.  I think the fact that I was in the sun for most of the day and have no appetite when I am seating my boobs off helped a bit.  Although, there was the one day that we had ice-cream for lunch.  What?  I gave up chocolate for lent…it was a treat and I got plain vanilla…how boring!

Have you been anywhere and eaten at good places you would like to share?

You head into CVS to get some last minute Valentine’s Day candy for the kids at school and you find yourself in the grab-and-go candy section. You know what I am talking about. The section with the individually wrapped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Hearts (awesome) and the Russell Stover Marshmallow Hearts or the Caramel Hearts. Since these items are wrapped individually, you don’t feel so bad when you buy one and it on the car ride home…or in the parking lot!

Well, last night I treated myself to the Russell Stover Strawberry Cream heart.  

Damn you CVS for having boxes of these!!  I am not sure what makes this so good…how sweet and sugary the inside is or the chocolate outside, but needless to say, I devoured it in just a few bites and sad to say…this was my dinner!

I would like to say a special thank you to my friend Sally! I was having a rough day at work and when I came back from a meeting there was a piece of chocolate cake sitting on my desk. Needless to say, I scarfed it down because it was so good and I was not so happy!

Thanks for thinking of this food beast, Sally!!