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Okay…I buy 100 calories packs on a regular basis.  I love the Chips Ahoy cookies, and the Oreo cookie crisps are not too bad.  I think my favorite 100 calorie packs are the Baked Cheetos!  These things are like crunchy, cheesy crack!  I love them and here is where the problem lies….one bag is not enough.  I will say, thanks to my friend Amanda, that I have learned that the chip varieties of the 100 calorie pack snacks contain more than the cookie varieties, and the food beast that I am wants all that I can get for my 2 point snack.

I understand that the 100 calorie packs can’t contain a lot because there is only supposed to be 100 calories (2 weight watchers point) of food in those tiny bags, but that is just it, is one bag really enough.  And how are you not having something to go along with the snack.  For example, today I came home from school and could basically eat the cabinets off the walls (am I hungry?…Not at all, but I grew up coming home from school and having a snack, so that is what I still do as a 29 year old woman).  I grabbed a 100 calorie pack of mini chocolate chip cookies.  I will say that they are actually a good snack because you get about 9 cookies in the teeny tiny bag.  Anyway, I grabbed the carton of milk (skim thank you very much) from the refrigerator and had some milk with my cookies.  (I decided to just chug from the carton since I am the only one who drinks the skim milk, so I feel that I am allowed to do that….don’t judge me.)  So, I have no idea how much milk I had because I never poured a glass so I am not sure how many points that was, but I will say a cup.  With the milk I had my bag of teeny, tiny chocolate chip cookies.  I finished them in about 35 seconds.  Okay, that is an exaggeration, since I actually really try to stretch out the amount of time in which I eat these snacks since the bags are so small and I am so sad when the consumption of them has come to an end.  So, I chugged some milk, had a cookie, milk, cookie, milk cookie until the cookies were gone.  Okay, so my 2 point snack turned into like a 4 point snack.  I instantly wanted to rip open another bag, but did have control because there was only one bag left and I wanted to have them for snack tomorrow after school.  Although, I will admit that I have had two of these mini snack bags in one sitting becuase I am sorry, but one bag is enough to fill a cavity!

Giving up chocolate for Lent is not something that is easy to do….especially when you are a chocoholic, like myself.  Lent started all the way back in February and I was in Barbados on Ash Wednesday.  That meant no chocolate desserts after dinner and no candy bars on the plane ride home….which is something that I enjoy. During the past few weeks I have been trying to fill the chocolate void, although it has not been easy. You don’t realize how many things contain chocolate until you can’t have it. No chocolate chip cookies, no chocolate munchkins at Dunkin Donuts, no brownies that your co-workers make, no hot chocolate on cold Sunday afternoons, and no ice cream other than vanilla at Baskin-Robbins when you are on vacation in Aruba…where the hell are those 31 flavors they are always advertising?!  This is not a lie…there weren’t any other flavors that did not contain a trace of chocolate or some type of nut (I have a funky nut allergy).

While the no-chocolate-eating continued through Lent, my husband was nice enough to guide me in the other direction when we were food shopping and entering the Entenmann’s section or in the candy aisle of Target.  I did find a few snacks that tickled my fancy during the past 40 days.  I enjoyed Hot Tamales every now and then. I also bought about 6 bags total, for work and home, of the bunny, duck and chick Easter version of SweeTarts. Those suckers are highly addicting and after eating a fair amount of them I find my tongue becomes numb to any other flavor (probably because I eat my weight in these once I open a bag).  These suckers are not too bad…I am pretty sure 4 of them are 1 weight watcher point.   I also discovered Reese’s peanut butter Whoppers. I stumbled upon these in Stop and Shop in CT.  I am assuming they make these in NY, but I have not seen them. (I have made a mental note to look for these the next time I am at Stop and Shop in NY.)  These RBP Whoppers were delicious. Like the regular Whoppers, they have the same crunchy inside, but instead of the chocolate outside there is a layer of Reese’s peanut butter.  HELLO….awesomeness!!!  If you enjoy Reese’s Peanut Butter cups as much as I do, these are going to be hard to put down.  If I remember correctly, I think 17 of those Whoppers were 3 weight watchers points…not too shabby.

I have to say, that I don’t mind not eating chocolate, as I enjoy eating other candy, but I was ready for Lent to come to an end.  The past few days were particularly rough and I was not sure I was going to make it at some points.   I had Godiva chocolate waiting from Valentine’s Day that would stare at me every time I opened the pantry. I had many co-workers eating chocolate in front of me, a Costo sized bag of Lindt truffles that a lady at work brought in, and a husband who enjoys the occasional Cookies ‘n Cream Pop-Tart…but Sunday it was all over!!!!   I can once again stuff my face with chocolaty goodness and I don’t give a crap how many points are in Cadbury mini-eggs or the Russel Stover chocolate strawberry cream eggs. (I went to CVS about 2 weeks ago and stocked up on all of my favorite Easter chocolate so I would not head to the store on Monday after Easter to see empty shelves where delicious milk chocolate goodness was once stocked and waiting to be purchased.) Saturday night Dave turned to me and said, “I am scared for you for tomorrow…I think it is going to be out of control.” Oh Dave…I think you might be right!

Oh and Dave was right….I woke up Sunday morning to consume Weight Watcher peppermint patties (compliments Weight Watcher Buddy) and a Cadbury Caramel Egg (compliments of Pam).  I then ripped open the bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs and also ate a Russel Stover chocolate strawberry cream egg.  OH….and this was all before I left for 10:30 mass….I am gross…I am aware!  The chocolate intake didn’t stop here.  I had a devil’s food cupcake for dessert with about four mini chocolate frosted donuts (an impulse buy at Stop and Shop that morning).  Needless to say, I should have felt sick after all of this, but I did not.  My belly had missed all that chocolate and was just making up for lost time!!!