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This post is long overdue and it is definitely blog worthy!

I eat lunch in the faculty room just about everyday.  I eat with a very rowdy bunch of people and I don’t know that I would make it through the day if I didn’t have lunch with them on a regular basis.  We always celebrate birthdays, order lunch, and eat lots of desserts.  People are nice about sharing their snack and you can’t ask for more than that!

About a month ago, we had the first annual Dip Day at work!  If you work in an office with a large group of people who like food as much as you do, then you have to have a Dip Day.  Here is what we did to set this shindig up:  Step 1 – Pass around a sign-up sheet to sign up for some type of appetizer dip or dessert dip that you would like to bring in to share with others.  Step 2 – Pick the day that would work for everyone to bring in their dips.  Step 3 – Make sure there are a variety of different dips and snacks to dip in the dips for everyone to enjoy!  Step 4 – Make sure that people wear elastic waist pants so that when they stuff their faces, they will still be comfortable and able to continue eating like it is their last meal.

Our margaritas!

We had some really good dips at our dip day.  But I think the best thing we had were our margaritas.  Calm down, calm down…they were virgin.  C’mon….even though the kids are beastly at times, we don’t drink at work during lunch.  That would be a problem!!

Since we had a lot of people at lunch, we had a lot of stuff to big out on.  Some of the items to put on our plates included sweet and sour meatballs, spinach and artichoke dip, chips and onion dip, cheesy bacon dip, 7 layer Mexican dip with tortilla chips, veggies and hummus, clam dip with crackers, and a salsa dip.  Think there were enough things for us to eat?!  For dessert….oh yeah, there was dessert, whether you had room for it or not.  For dessert there was chocolate fondue and fruit dip with fruit, pound cake, brownies, and pretzels.

I had a little bit of everything that was out, but I really went to town with the clam dip.  The only other time that I eat clam dip is on Christmas Eve and I LOVE IT!!!  I went back up to the table for more clam dip about four times….disgusting…..but really delicious!!  I will mention that I was not the only one stuffing their faces.  I think this was the only day that the faculty room was not insanely loud because we were all stuffing our faces with food and not even talking to each other.

Some of our snacks!

Remember how I mentioned the elastic waist pants…these are key people.  I cannot stress the importance of the elastic waist pants enough here.  Take my advice and wear them on dip day at your office.  (People at work did not wear elastic waist pants and ended up having to unbutton their pants at the table when they were done eating.  Oh….this was only me?  As my mom would say, “How special!”)

I hope reading this entry entices you and your friends to host your own Dip Day at work.  My friends at work and I looked forward to this day for many days leading up to it and we are excited to plan our next dip day for next year!