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This post is way overdue and if you have tasted Panera’s Signature Macaroni and Cheese, you know why!  I usually pick up Panera for dinner, but since it is somewhat out of the way, we rarely eat there, but our new favorite thing on the menu is the Mac and Cheese.  (My other favorite is the tuna salad sandwich, which is the fattiest tuna sandwich I have ever had in my life, but it is delish!  Not kidding on the fat content, a half a sandwich is 9 points on Weight Watchers….Yowzers!)

Now, when I head to Panera, Dave and I usually get a you pick two.  This is a great idea and I wish more places did this.  You get to pick two things to eat and you get a half of a serving of each.  I usually get a half of a sandwich and a soup.  Just recently when I discovered this new mac and cheese I checked out the weight watchers points on-line and saw that a small serving of this sh*t was ten f*%king points.  Okay, seriously, this better be a good size serving.  So, I arrive at Panera and see that the serving size is enough to fill a large cavity, so I decided against ordering it for myself, but since Dave also wanted to try it, I got some for him and figured I could steal a few bites without him noticing.

Well….I got home and we started eating and Dave was inhaling the mac and cheese like it was his last meal.  I grabbed the spoon out of his hand and went in for a taste and let me tell you….I was not disappointed.  I went to have a second bite and before I went in for the third bite, Dave quickly grabbed the spoon and said, “Next time get your own if you like it so much.”  After Dave finished the mac and cheese and moved on to his sandwich, I took his spoon and basically scooped out the leftover cheese sauce.  Everyone knows that is the best part and this sauce is full of tangy Vermont white cheddar cheese which I am sure is totally fat free!

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