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This post is WAY overdue and the reason for that would be summer vacation.  I seem to lose all control of what a schedule is and I secretly love it.

In some of my posts, I mentioned my second grade lunch bunch and how much fun they are.  We order in the best lunches, organize themed lunches, and have great gatherings with amazing food!

The last second grade gathering that we had was in June to finish out the school year.  Our friend Mary opened up her home for us as a place for us to sit around, drink, and stuff our faces.  The amount of food was pretty disgusting (and by that I mean amazing) because everyone brought either an appetizer or a dessert.

Some apps to munch on....

Since it was so close to the last day of school people were just laughing and eating and it was a grand old time.  I was not until dessert came out that the real stuffing of the faces began.  I had made chocolate-dipped potato chips (that were out of this world…if I do say so myself) and peanut butter buckeye balls. ( My husband and I had taste-tested both of these treats before I packed them up and they were both delicious.)

Gotta love Sally's humor!

When the desserts were served at Mary’s house, everyone was laughing when Sally presented the dessert she had picked up.  In case you can’t read what the cakes say, the one on the left says, “I’m fucking done” and the one on the right says, “Me too!”  By this point in the school year everyone had said they were done with the school year about 473204832094 times.  And now even the baker at Brewster Pastry knew it too!

People were sampling desserts, which is always my favorite part of any meal.  The next day at work, my friend Maria came up to me and said, “Your balls made me sick.  I ate too many of them.”  Hehe…I will admit, those peanut butter balls were very rich, but they were DELICIOUS!  Check out the recipes, that I attached as links above….perfect desserts for upcoming holiday get togethers.