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Guess who’s back?
Back again.
This Food Beast is back.
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So I took a slightly longer break from blogging than I had originally planned, but it isn’t all my fault.  I was busy growing a food beast baby in my belly and then that food beast baby was born and now that he is no longer a newborn, I actually have a free minute to sit and type…Amen to that!

While I was pregnant I didn’t really do a whole lot of reading, as I figured if there was anything I really needed to know, my doctor would fill me in.  The one thing I did read was that while pregnant you should eat many different foods so that the baby will be exposed to various foods while in the womb and will be more likely to try new foods when he/she starts eating food.  I was not sure how much of this I actually believed, but as I read this I looked at my husband and said, “Well, at least we know the baby will like chocolate, cupcakes, and cookies.”  I have to say I never had any weird cravings…I drank a lot more orange juice, ate French toast that was covered in syrup and powdered sugar, and the lady at the bagel place knew to save me an egg bagel every Friday morning!

Being pregnant and being due on Christmas had many perks.  I got to be pregnant and wear elastic waist pants through Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, which meant I could stuff my face as much as I wanted…which was heavenly!  The only negative to all of this was that when people came to meet the new food beast baby they all brought Christmas cookies to our house to share.  Now don’t get me wrong, this was awesome because my husband and I constantly tasted all of the goodies that people brought over, but after you have a baby you need to cut back on the sweets so you can fit back into your non-elastic waist pants at some point before your kid celebrates his/her first birthday.

Any thoughts to share on what you stuffed your face with when you were pregnant?